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1. I Don't Know You (by Pete Pearson)

2. Come and Get It (by Terry Davis)

3. The Screamer (by Pete Pearson)

4. Blues Bailout (by Terry Davis)

5. Honey Bone (by Terry Davis)

6. Paycheck (by Pete Pearson)

7. Trustworthy Woman (by Pete Pearson)

8. Boink With You (by Pete Pearson)

9. Pledging My Love (by Pete Pearson and dedicated to, my wife Kelly)

10. Millionaire (by Terry Davis)


Vocals: Big Pete Pearson

Guitar: Mike Howard

Bass/Music Director: Terry Davis

Drums: Thomas (Freight Train) Walker

Keyboard: Joe Bar-Nadav

Tenor/Baritone Sax: Jerry Donato

Tenor Sax: Scott Zimmer

Trumpet: Dennis Monce

Trumpet: Kurt Finchum

Special Guest

B3: Joey DeFrancesco


Executive Producer: Sammy Combs Jr.

Producer: Big Pete Pearson

Recorded and mixed by: Carke Rigsby (Tempest Recording, Tempe, AZ)

Mastered by: Dave Shirk (Sonorous Mastering, Tempe, AZ)

Designed by: Tony Amato (Amato Image Design, Tempe, AZ)

Photots by: David Blake Photography

Horn Section Arranged by: Jerry Donato

with Special Guest, on B3 (tracks 2,3,6): Joey DeFrancesco

A Modesto Blues Records Production

@2009 All Rights Reserved MBR0001


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