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Big Pete Pearson & The Gamblers


1. Travelin' Man (by Pete Pearson)
2. Hole In My Pocket (by Pete Pearson)
3. Choose (by Pete Pearson)
4. Gambler's Groove ( with Guitar Ray Scona)
5. Bad Luck (by Pete Pearson)
6. Hard Time (by Pete Pearson)
7. Mini Skirt (by Pete Pearson)
8. Slippery When Wet (by Pete Pearson)
9.The Love You Don't Have (by Pete Pearson and with Guitar Ray Scona)
10. Big Let down (by Pete Pearson)



Vocals: Big Pete Pearson
Guitar: Guitar Ray Scona
Piano: Henry Carpaneto
Bass: Gabriele Dellepiane
Druns: Marco Fuliano

Produced by: Big Pete Pearson
Recorded by: Simone Carbone and David Martini (Drum Code Studio Recording, Italy)
Mixed by: Clarke Rigsby (Tempest Recording, Tempe, AZ)
Mastered by: David Shirk (Sonorous Mastering, Tempe, AZ)
Designed by: Tony Amato (
Photos by: Georges Lemaire
A Modesto Blues Records Production
@2012 All Rights Reserved. MBR0002


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